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Islam expert Laila Mirzo in an interview

When will political Islam become a threat to our enlightened democratic society?

The FPÖ Education Institute interviewed Islam expert Laila Mirzo on the fringes of an event on political Islam and possible dangers for Europe. You can read the interview here: 

Keyword: parallel societies in Austria. Can we expect immigrant Muslim women to adapt to our lifestyle and our values?

If I'm invited as your guest, decency dictates that I must obey your rules. It’s the same with migration. Our values are the foundation of our constitutional state and democracy. Anyone who rejects them and even works against them is a danger to our society.  

When will political Islam become a threat to our enlightened democratic society in Austria?

As soon as we begin to make fundamental rights and constitutional statutes vulnerable, we will have a problem. We must not tolerate misogyny and Islamic anti-Semitism, not even under the cloak of freedom of religion.  

Do you have confidence in the Austrian constitutional state? Is Sharia law an issue in Austria?

I have confidence, but the rule of law is only as strong as its citizens. The demographic development and immigration from Islamic culture speak for a social change in which Sharia law will play an ever greater role.

Sharia is not just chopping off hands and stoning. The certification of certain food or consumer products with the "halal” label already fulfils Sharia law requirements. Many banks already offer "Islamic banking", even this is Sharia law. 

Do you think the government's planned ban on headscarves in kindergartens and primary schools is right?

Absolutely! Headscarves on children is the result of the sexualisation of women into childhood. In addition, the headscarf divides women into “pure” and “impure”. It has become a symbol of political Islam and that has no place in schools or kindergartens. 

Why is awareness of political Islam so personally important for you?

I am a mother and I want my children to grow up in a peaceful world. Apart from that, I’m a “full-blooded democrat” and I simply can't help it.  

Have you got a closing remark for us?

Political Islam follows an aggressive agenda, its first victims are us women.

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