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The international political educational work is characterised by the exchange of experience with other countries and parties consistent with our aim of contributing to cultural self-determination, individual freedom and a dignified cooperation among the citizens of different countries, as we want to help shape a common future in peace, freedom, respect and prosperity.

The FPÖ Political Academy also provides information about the political positions and activities of the FPÖ abroad. We attach great importance to the exchange of opinions with Israel in particular, in response to those who still try to defame the Freedom Party as anti-Semitic, racist or as extreme right. We must and indeed want to meet the challenge of such disparagement, right where it causes irritation, anger and pain.

Another emphasis of our international educational work is formulating positions that offer alternative views to certain conformist interpretations of the EU or religious fundamentalism and its spread throughout Europe. The most important task of political education is to contribute to mobilising the defences of democracy or to prove the legitimacy of the nation state.

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