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... that's what our graduates say:


"The Europe Academy is an important addition to the already very extensive and high-quality educational offering of the "Freedom Education Institute". Despite the mostly justified critical attitude of patriotic forces to the European Union, it is important to deal intensively with the complex of issues surrounding the European Union and at the same time to work out where there are potential partners with whom one can reform the EU together in the future. This is exactly where the Europa-Akademie comes in and combines intensive theoretical work with the at least equally important exchange with partners from other European countries. The training course is recommended to anyone who not only wants to criticize the European institutions, but also wants to contribute to reforming them."


GK Alessandro Kopeter, RFJ Provincial chairman  Styria, (2020)


"The reference to Europe is constantly growing in political activity. Whoever wants to argue well and wants the EU to be different, must not ignore it, but must know how it works and know its mechanisms and structures. This knowledge is imparted in the course "Europa-Akademie" of the FBI. Especially the module taking place in Brussels is very instructive there. Only with sound knowledge can changes and new projects be initiated at the political level. The EU concerns us all!"


Verena Mutzatko, Wien (2020)


"The Europe Academy is a valuable addition to the FBI's training offerings. As the Academy points out, despite national sovereignty, an estimated 80 percent of our laws are already pre-decided in Brussels. In addition to the EU, the Council of Europe, which has a massive influence on our lives virtually unnoticed by the public, is also part of the consideration. However, the Europa-Akademie shines above all with its international orientation and the lecturers, who come directly from the "gears" of the EU and thus provide valuable insights into everyday practice. At the end of the training, there is an excursion to Brussels, which not only offers networking opportunities, but also allows a look behind the scenes. I can only recommend everyone to participate in the training course of the Europa-Akademie, because regardless of the personal field of activity, a lot of valuable information can be taken away for the political work. And, of course, the comradely part does not come too short."


Fabian Walch, BA MA, regional chairman FAV Tyrol and press spokesman FPÖ Tyrol (2020)

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