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Future Central Europe - common paths, opportunities and risks

Joint event with the Liberal Club

On September 22, 2022, an event of the Freiheitliches Bildungsinstitut together with the Liberaler Klub on the topic "Future Central Europe" took place.

At the beginning of the lecture evening, Dr. Gottfried Reiter presented the results of the previously held "Forum Central Europe 2022". He went into detail about the numerous top-class lectures of the "Forum Mitteleuropa", which this year revolved around the focus "Start-Ups" and the business location Central Europe.

Dr. Gerhard Saria, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Corporate and Commercial Law at the University of Vienna, went into more depth on the subject in his presentation "Entrepreneurship in Central Europe", focusing in particular on Eastern Europe, especially the Visegrad states, which are Austria's most important trading partners after Germany. Dr. Saria pleaded that the focus of Austria's trade policy, measured by the figures, should be oriented much more towards the East than is currently the case. The economic area of Central Europe is decisive for Austria's prosperity, he concluded.

In the end, there was enough time for networking among the participants in a pleasant atmosphere.

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