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“Efficient Communication” as Success Factor

Module III of the Women’s Academy in Salzburg

The third module of the Women’s Academy was held from 14 to 15 June 2019 in


With the title “Greater Success through Efficient Communication”, the academy teaches

personal communication skills, competence in handling critical communication situations

and unfair dialectics in addition to illuminating the culture of verbal disputes.

The following topics were addressed and reinforced in practical exercises: 

• The art of strengthening weaknesses

• Exercise on developing self expression (body language)

• Elements of effective rhetoric

• Defending one’s own position

• Dialectical methodology of fair and unfair disputation

• Confrontation techniques in the media – investigative journalism

• Tricks and feints in conversation

The educational track of the Women’s Academy is available throughout the country and

is designed to be compatible with regular employment. It consists of five modules and an

elective seminar, and participants receive a certificate upon completion. Highly qualified

lecturers provide instruction, training and practice in political science, rhetoric, media

work, motivational strategies and other important foundations to optimally prepare

participants for the challenges faced by female political leaders.

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