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Course leader Dietmar Heuritsch on the “Young Academy"

Interview on the training of junior political staff

Mid-March 2018 saw the start of the year for the Young Academy.  With this course, the FPÖ Education Institute prepares junior FPÖ staff from all over Austria for future tasks in local groups, in local councils and state parliaments, in the National Council and in the ministerial offices in the best possible way within the framework of a two-semester training programme. An advanced training course and, for the first time, a part-time Master’s degree too, can be completed after this basic course. The first course was launched in mid-April under the title of "Policy Management & Campaigning". We asked course leader Dietmar Heuritsch briefly about this:


The Young Academy of the FPÖ Education Institute is now in its 5th year - is it a success story?

The training of the Young Academy has proved itself well, and the basic course provides participants with a solid foundation for working in local groups and at municipal level.

What specifically do the participants of the Young Academy learn?

In terms of content, it’s primarily about the topics of political communication, rhetoric, knowledge about democracy and state, dealing with the media, election campaign organisation and local group management.

But in addition to the technical training, the personal and character development of the participants is particularly important. Each mandatary represents the liberal community in his or her home community and thus bears a great responsibility. It is not lone wolves who are in demand, but team players with a heart for the people and commitment to our country.

How is the advanced course "Policy Management & Campaigning" starting?

Building on the basic course, we are offering an advanced course for the first time this year, which also represents a step towards academic education. It deals with performing political leadership tasks in the form of campaign management. The first weekend of the course has already taken place and has been very well received by the participants.

Have you got a closing remark for us?

The approach of the FPÖ Education Institute to permanently train and further educate our officials in the local councils, state parliaments, the National Council and the ministerial offices in the best possible way for the benefit of the Republic of Austria has once again been confirmed with the entry of the FPÖ into the Federal Government.

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