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AfD and German Bundestag

political BREAKFAST #4

As part of the event series "political BREAKFAST" of the Freedom Education Institute, the focus on 25.4.2023 was on international educational work: Under the title "AfD and the German Bundestag", speaker Maximilian Scharfenberg gave an overview of the German Bundestag, its history, tasks and members, as well as the current composition of the Bundestag of the current legislative period.

Special attention was paid to the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. A substantive focus dealt with current political issues and the positions of the AfD parliamentary group. The event was rounded off by a report on the experiences of the speaker, who has just completed an internship, on the work in the AfD parliamentary group and by the subsequent round of questions and discussion.

The "political BREAKFAST" series of events organized by the Freedom Education Institute is aimed at employees and functionaries and, in the context of a breakfast, deliberately takes the character of frontal teaching out of the lectures and instead focuses on personal further training and development through discussion.

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