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Final Module of the European Academy 2022/23

Certificate Presentation

From 15.09. to 16.09.2023 the final module of the Europa Akademie 2022/23 of the Bildungsinstitut der Freiheit took place in Vienna. Thematically, the focus was on the "Green Deal", on which, among others, MEP Roman Haider gave a lecture.

As part of the final module, a graduate meeting of the past three years of the Europe Academy took place for the first time. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the certificates by the President of the Free Education Institute (NAbg. MMMag. Dr. Axel Kassegger). Course leader Dietmar Holzfeind thanked the committed participants and at the same time emphasized the importance of a critical examination of the European Union and its institutions.

During the Europe Academy, all participants were able to gain an overview of the history, organization and work of the European Union. Not to be neglected are also the contacts and friendships that could be established among the participants. The Europe Academy also contributes to networking, for example with European partners.

The EU connection in political activity is constantly growing. In the Europa-Akademie course, the focus is on imparting knowledge about the European Union and its institutions with an in-depth look at current and important areas, promoting foreign language skills and international networking. HERE you can find the electronic version of the program of the Europe Academy 2023/24.

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