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Erwin Hirnschall


Interview with Dr. Erwin Hirnschall: Born in 1930 in Allentsteig. Studied law (Doctor of Law 1955). 1952: Participation in development of the Circle of Liberal Students (RFS). 1955: Sat on Proponents Committee for founding of the FPÖ. 1959: FPÖ District Council in Liesing/Vienna. From 1964: FPÖ Member of the Vienna State Parliament and Municipal Council. 1969: Top candidate of “Vienna Liberals” (Motto: "Fresh start in city hall!"). 1971-1991: FPÖ Parliamentary Fraction Chairman of Vienna City Hall fraction. Tough opponent of privileges culture (uncovering Wiener Bauring and Vienna General Hospital scandals). 1972: Vienna FPÖ prevents building development of Sternwarte Park under Hirnschall. 1983-1991: FPÖ Provincial Party Chairman in Vienna. 1991: Hirnschall pushes through referendum on planned World EXPO. 1991: FPÖ Vienna becomes second strongest party. Third President of the State Parliament. 1996: Retires from Vienna State Parliament and Municipal Council. From 1997: Honorary Chairman of FPÖ Vienna. Died in Vienna in 2011.

You can find the video HERE (only available in German).

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