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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Application mandatory from 25 May 2018 onwards!

In a training session held on 28 February 2018, the FPÖ Education Institute provided information on the new data protection and data processing requirements in the context of the GDPR.

You will find the most important key points below:

The application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be mandatory from 25 May 2018 onwards. It regulates the handling of personal data – for example, the way in which a company may save and process customer data. The Regulation applies to all companies – be they sole traders or large enterprises – operating in EU Member States. Failure to comply with the regulation will result in high fines of up to EUR 20 million in extreme cases.

The GDPR deals with all kinds of saved personal data records and must therefore be adhered to by many entrepreneurs. Using data for private purposes is not an issue.

The Education Institute is urgently calling for companies to check the data they have saved in good time and to take measures to make technical and organisational adjustments if they have not already done so. Companies should ensure that they keep a record of processing activities in future, publish a data protection manual, implement data protection defaults and appoint a trained data protection officer if they deal with “sensitive data”.

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