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Taxes and social security 2023

New publication!

The author of the updated guide "Taxes and Social Security 2023. A Guide", MMag. DDr. Hubert Fuchs, is a Liberal finance and budget spokesman in the National Council. He is considered a proven tax expert and was State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The first part of the book deals, among other things, with the Income Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act and the Value Added Tax Act, deadlines in tax law, tax office interest, accounting obligations, the Gift Notification Act, the Real Estate Transfer Tax Act and international tax law. The tax treatment of major COVID-19 grants or COVID-19 subsidies is also considered. The second part deals with social security for the self-employed and freelancers, as well as labor law information, non-wage costs and wage garnishment values.

The guide is intended to provide initial orientation in the jungle of tax laws. It is in no way intended to replace expert advice.

You can access the full electronic version here.

You can order the book free of charge by clicking on the order button:

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