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Seminar: From citizen to local councillor

“How do you become a local councillor?” – series of seminars in Lower Austria

The seminar provides an overview of the functioning of a municipality and the activities of a local council.

Specifically, this covers issues like what a municipality does, how a municipality functions, how local council meetings take place, how you deal with political rivals, how you can make an impact in the outside world via community events, and internally by supporting members and through team development measures, and what content affects a municipality.

With a view to the municipal elections in Lower Austria in 2020, there will also be a discussion about the possibilities of participating in everyday political life as a citizen in the run-up to a candidacy, how to prepare a candidacy and how to correctly prepare and deal with an election proposal. 

The second seminar on this issue took place on 2 February 2019 in Bad Vöslau. 

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