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Rhetoric and Argumentation

Body Language and Speaking Style

The rhetoric seminar on 27 April 2019 in Vienna taught how to optimize one’s rhetorical

and communication skills. The participants enjoyed a theoretical and playful approach to

learning, with continuous analysis of their communication potential and personal

feedback from the trainer. The seminar focused on the following questions:     

•          How is my voice and speaking style?

•          What are my strengths and where is there potential for improving my communication behavior?

•          How can I optimize my conversational attitude?

•          Which standard phrases do I use?

•          What are the foundations of successful rhetoric?

•          Which rhetorical styles and tools can I make use of?

•          Which argumentation styles and rhetorical techniques will make me successful?

•          How do I respond to the objections by the opposing party?

•          How can I positively express negative aspects?

•          How can I identify creative argumentation solutions?

•          Should I take a “hard”, “soft” or “situational” approach to argumentation?

•          Which sentences and words should I use?

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