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Political Islam

Laila Mirzo

Laila Mirzo: Nur ein schlechter Muslim ist ein guter Muslim. Über die Unvereinbarkeit des Islam mit unserer Kultur [Only a bad Muslim is a good Muslim. The incompatibility of Islam with our culture], Riva Verlag 2018 (ISBN Print 978-3-74223-0586-2)


“With all the emotional debates about Islam, as a values-based community we in Europe must come to a consensus on how to deal with reactionary religious currents. There are lines that must not be crossed. Religion, too, must abide by secular laws.” (page 10)


“If we consistently convey the message of enlightenment and humanism in all areas of public life, such as schools, universities, the courts and the media, then “islaNewsdetailmicisation” would be unable to take hold. As soon as we, both as a state and as civil society, actively stand behind our basic democratic values once again, radical Islam will no longer be effective in Europe.” (page 15)


“An ideological system of rules, combined with the degradation of people of other faiths, gives many a feeling of moral superiority. Belonging to an exclusive, right-wing community fulfils a longing for recognition and acceptance in an otherwise hopeless situation. Add the promise of salvation to this, and it becomes a seductive offer.” (page 179)


“It’s nothing special to avoid eating pork or drinking alcohol, but it’s rather worrying when you begin calling those who do “unclean”. The next step is “purifying” the world of such people.” (page 216)


“For the secularisation of a free Europe which guarantees all of its citizens – whether men or women, homosexual or heterosexual, Christian, Jewish or non-believing – the same inalienable rights, secularism is the only way forward. For Islam knows peace only as the peace of submission.” (page 244)


“Where Islam is the majority religion, it operates a strict religious imperialism which will ultimately spark a cultural revolution in Europe. If Europe maintains its current course, tolerance will devour the next generations. Diversity will disappear, and there will not be much room left for individual development. Ultimately, everything will be forced into conformity.” (page 244 f)

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