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Political communication and rhetoric

Modul III der Jungen-Akademie 2023

From May 12-13, 2023, the 3rd module of the Boys Academy took place in Anthering. The following blocks of topics were covered, among others:

    Rhetoric - speeches in everyday political life: in the local council, at meetings, at party events, etc.
    Preparation and planning of a speech
    Goal definition - What do I want my speech to achieve?
    Composition and structure of a speech
    Introduction & conclusion - the most important phases of any speech
    Spontaneous speech situations - greetings and short impromptu speeches
    Tips from practice
    Video training with analysis and personal feedback

As a guest speaker, the city party chairman of the FPÖ Salzburg, Dominic Maier, gave an exciting lecture as well as a report on the past state parliament election campaign.

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