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political BREAKFAST #5

In the context of the event series "political BREAKFAST" of the Freiheitliches Bildungsinstitut on 17.05.2023, the speaker Bernhard Dohr gave an overview of the concept of "meta-politics" and its historical roots.

Bernhard Dohr elaborated on the activities of the Freiheitliches Bildungsinstitut in this field and identified further relevant fields of action for future work. The new "Metapolitik-Akademie" was presented as a lighthouse project, in which participants can deal intensively with metapolitical sub-areas, such as historical politics and the interpretative sovereignty of concepts. Particular attention was paid to the current situation in Austria, which was further explored in the subsequent discussion.

The "political BREAKFAST" series of events organized by the Freedom Education Institute is aimed at staff and functionaries and, in the context of a breakfast, deliberately takes the character of frontal teaching out of the lectures and instead focuses on personal further training and development through discussion.

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