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Manual of Local Politics - Volume 9

Local party newspaper

The Handbook of Local Politics is a guide to political practice at the local level. It is intended to help people who are committed to local politics to fulfill their voluntary or full-time tasks as successfully as possible. In ten concise, practice-oriented, didactically prepared individual volumes, it addresses the major topics of local politics.Volume nine of the Handbook for Local Politics deals with the production of a popular local party newspaper that appeals to every age group on the one hand and on the other hand does justice to the trend that "screen workers" like to return to the paper newspaper in private. The likelihood that a party newspaper will be read where almost "everyone knows everyone" is relatively high. People are curious about what politicians they know and the parties do and write, look at photos and are happy to see familiar faces, and discuss well-crafted articles at the regulars' table. That's why this volume deals with content, layout, planning, text creation and image presentation, press law and newspaper financing.The handbook is written by practitioners for practitioners and features, among other things, application-oriented checklists and effective tips.


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