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Manual of Local Politics - Volume 3

Personal conduct and making a good impression

The Handbook of Local Politics is a guide to political practice at the local level. It is intended to help people who are committed to local politics to fulfill their voluntary or full-time tasks as successfully as possible. In ten concise, practice-oriented, didactically prepared individual volumes, it addresses the major topics of local politics.

Volume three of the Handbook for Local Politics focuses on tips for positive civic contacts and professional public appearances. After all, all activists and campaigners are representatives and brand ambassadors of their own party, often the only elected officials and functionaries a citizen ever meets in person. So a local politician is literally the "face" of his or her party. At the same time, it is important to remember that they are often also subject to critical scrutiny and that words and actions can be interpreted adversely. The challenge, then, is to stay politically in line without giving opponents a target through personal misadventures.

The handbook is written by practitioners for practitioners and features, among other things, application-oriented checklists and effective tips.

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