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Manual of Local Politics - Volume 2

Leadership, motivation and team-building

The Handbook of Local Politics is a guide to political practice at the local level. It is intended to help people who are committed to local politics to fulfill their voluntary or full-time tasks as successfully as possible. In ten concise, practice-oriented, didactically prepared individual volumes, it addresses the major topics of local politics.Volume two of the Handbook for Local Politics addresses the challenges of leading a team of volunteers. It describes in very concrete terms the demands placed on a local group chairman or chairwoman and the potential for conflict that one must face in such a position. It is about conflict management and motivational measures, about meaningful and promising leadership strategies and the characteristics of a successful team. And how to create and promote both well-coordinated teamwork and an intact "we" feeling.The handbook is written by practitioners for practitioners and features, among other things, application-oriented checklists and effective tips.

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