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Manual of Local Politics - Volume 10

Social Media

The Handbook of Local Politics is a guide to political practice at the local level. It is intended to help people who are committed to local politics to fulfill their voluntary or full-time tasks as successfully as possible. In ten concise, practice-oriented, didactically prepared individual volumes, it addresses the major topics of local politics.Volume ten of the Handbook for Local Politics deals with the proper use of social media. Here, content is communicated directly and unfiltered, and the focus is on information, interaction and participation. For local politicians, social platforms are suitable for positioning themselves and raising their profile, but also for information and education, networking with like-minded people and addressing new target groups and potential voters. The individual chapters deal with blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok, and address the selection of the appropriate channels in each case, the dangers and risks on the web, and the opportunities and possibilities that open up for local politicians in this area.The handbook is written by practitioners for practitioners and features, among other things, application-oriented checklists and effective tips.


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