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Instagram - On the trail in social media

Online seminar room WEBEX

The Freiheitliches Bildungsinstitut and the Freiheitliche Akademie Vienna invite you to the online lecture “INSTAGRAM - ON THE TRAIL IN SOCIAL MEDIA“ on Monday, 15 June 2020, 18:30 to 21:00 in the online seminar room WEBEX.

A description as well as access data will be sent personally by e-mail to all registered participants.

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Note: Please make sure to have ready your own fully-charged camera phone and charging cable!


●        Dial-in and presence

●        Getting the best out of Instagram photos with little effort

●        How can my smartphone help me create beautiful photos?

●        Finding a motif – no more boring Instagram photos

●        Simple tips and tricks to perfectly stage your political activity on Instagram

●        Which images are suitable for Instagram? (Differences to Facebook)

●        PRACTICAL EXERCISES with your own camera phone

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