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Important, current topics at EU level

Module III of the Europe Academy

From 17-18 March 2023, the 3rd module of the Europe Academy took place in Linz.

The 1st day of the seminar started with a lecture by course instructor Dietmar Holzfeind on EU trade policy. He reported on the basics as well as selected free trade agreements of the EU. Afterwards the participants were informed by Tom Van Dijck about the role of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. In the evening, the mayor of Wels, Dr. Andreas Rabl, visited the group and reported in a fireside discussion about his experiences as a former staff member of the FPÖ delegation in the European Parliament.

The 2nd day of the seminar was dedicated to the topic "EU-Green Deal and EU-Agricultural Policy". Speakers included staff from the Identity and Democracy (ID) Group in the EU Parliament. The focus was on the Paris Climate Agreement and current reforms in EU environmental policy. The participants were able to deepen their knowledge in direct contact with EU politicians and again showed full commitment and dedication in the last attendance module before the educational policy excursion to Brussels.

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