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State Election Campaigns

political BREAKFAST #6

As part of the "political BREAKFAST" series of events organized by the Political Academy of the Freedom Party of Austria, a lecture on the topic of "Freiheitliche Landtagswahlkämpfe" took place on 7 November 2023.

The lecturer Michael Hacaturoglu gave an overview of the Austrian state elections from 2000 to 2023.

Michael analyzed the Freedom Party's state election campaigns and explained how they were prepared for the "Blue Austria" web encyclopedia. He shed light on the background to this project and explained how the digitization and documentation was carried out in order to provide insights into the historical development of the Freedom Party of Austria. Finally, highlights such as cinema and advertising spots from the various election campaigns were presented.

The "political BREAKFAST" series organized by the Political Academy of the Freedom Party of Austria is aimed at employees and functionaries and deliberately removes the frontal teaching character of the presentations and instead focuses on personal training and development through discussion.

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