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"Europe Quo Vadis? Out of the Multiple Crises"

Lecture evening with Prof. Max Otte and MEP Harald Vilimsky

On September 15, 2023, the Freedom Education Institute invited to the event "Europe Quo Vadis? Out of the multiple crises" with Prof. Max Otte and MEP Harald Vilimsky at the House of Engineers in Vienna.

After introductory words of FBI president NAbg. MMMag. Dr. Axel Kassegger the liberal EU delegation leader Harald Vilimsky stressed in his speech the urgency of a reform of the European Union, in particular against the background of the safety device of peace, liberty and prosperity.

The economist and best-selling author Prof. Dr. Max Otte addressed the founding myth of the European Union and its design flaws in his presentation, and then outlined possible solutions on how the EU can succeed.

The subsequent panel discussion, which was moderated by Dietmar Holzfeind, a lawyer in the EU Parliament, dealt with topics such as the economic situation in the euro area, financial policy and inflation, and the competitiveness of Europe in the global market. The Ukraine conflict and energy supply were also discussed. Finally, there was a lively discussion with the audience.

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