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Education policy excursion to Brussels

Completion of the Europe Academy 2021/22

The final module of the Europe Academy JG 2021/22 took place from June 22 to 24, 2022. In the course of this module, the graduates flew to Brussels to be able to follow the work of the individual EU institutions such as the EU Parliament or the EU Commission.

On the first day, the graduates went to the EU Parliament. Here, an exchange of ideas with the members of the FPÖ delegation, Harald Vilimsky, Georg Mayer and Roman Haider as well as the president of the group "Identity and Democracy" (ID) Marco Zanni (LEGA) was on the agenda. Afterwards, there was an interesting lecture on the topics "Russia-Ukraine war" and "EU economic policy" by Dr. Nicolaus Fest, AfD Head of Delegation in the EU Parliament. After visiting a plenary session, the first day ended with a visit to the Styria office in Brussels.

On the second day, the EU Commission and the Belgian Senate were visited. For this purpose, there was a guided tour by a member of the Belgian party "Vlaams Belang". The day was rounded off with an evening event of the ID group in Antwerp.

The last day of the excursion was used to learn about the cultural and political history of Brussels. A guided tour through the old city center formed the conclusion of this year's module abroad.

In the course of the Europe Academy, all participants were able to gain an overview of the history, the organizations and the work of the European Union. Among the participants were also this year numerous holders of political mandates. Not insignificant are also the contacts and friendships that could be made among the participants - also for networking, for example with the European partners, the Europe Academy is ideally suited.

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