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Dr. Klaus Nittmann, MSc


Klaus Nittmann has been Managing Director of the Freiheitliches Bildungsinstitut since 2007. In this role, he has initiated numerous national and international projects within the framework of civic education work and realized them with his staff, including the in-service academy and scholarship programme (Young Academy, Media Academy, Women's Academy and European Academy, Young Academy Club), the film series "The Freedom we mean" (an outline of the history of the Third Camp since 1848) or the web lexicon on the FPÖ, and repeatedly joint events with foreign guests, especially from Israel

Nittmann studied law and business administration at the University of Innsbruck (Dr. iur. 1986). After his year in court, he worked as an advertising copywriter and was involved in various media projects as an editor. In 1992, he joined the political service of the City of Linz. Here he took on the position of director of the FPÖ municipal council faction, as well as the office manager of the FPÖ city councillor for transport, and later deputy mayor. During this time, he developed various election campaigns for the Linz city party and "Frei heraus", the "freiheitliche Gemeindekurier", for which he also worked as honorary editor-in-chief. Subsequently, Dr. Hans Achatz, then regional party chairman of the FPOÖ, appointed him regional party secretary (1998-2003). In this role, he was not only responsible for a number of campaigns, but together with Hubert Schreiner, the regional managing director of the FPOÖ, he also ran two successful Freedom Party plebiscites: the first (and so far only) Upper Austrian referendum ("Opernvolksbefragung") in 2000 and the "Veto against Temelin" referendum two years later. He was a member of the Federal Council from 1999 to 2003. He then returned to work for the Linz municipal council faction, obtained a Master of Science in Organizational Development and Human Resources Management as part of a part-time course of study and finally moved to Vienna, where he joined the Vienna FPÖ as a political advisor and, under the interim chairmanship of Hilmar Kabas, also joined the federal party. In 2007, he was finally entrusted with the management of the FBI.



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