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Cash and the digital euro. Where is the journey heading?

Panel discussion in Innsbruck

Under the title "Cash and Digital Euro. Where is the journey taking us?", the Freedom Education Institute invited the public to a panel discussion at the Congress Innsbruck on July 25. A good 150 citizens accepted the invitation, in the packed hall Brussels. "The interest of citizens in the topic of cash is enormous, as this event shows. The Corona era in particular has sensitized many on the subject of freedom, and cash is nothing other than printed freedom," said the liberal consumer protection spokesman NAbg. Peter Wurm, who was part of the high-caliber panel.Wurm was joined by Dr. Barbara Kolm, Vice President of the General Council of the Austrian National Bank, who explained the plans for the digital euro but spoke out unequivocally in favor of preserving cash, Dr. Andreas Oberlechner, Head of the Consumer Protection Department of the Chamber of Labor Tyrol, who spoke about the legal framework and demonstrated that cash should be accepted in the grocery trade, for example, and referred to a current example from Innsbruck, and Josef Binder, initiator of the successful referendum "For unrestricted cash payment," who lamented that no party other than the FPÖ was seriously and honestly advocating cash.

At the end of an exciting discussion, the liberal consumer protection spokesman NAbg. Peter Wurm made it clear that the FPÖ would continue to stand up for the preservation of cash and the anchoring of this in the constitution. "The attacks of the Brussels Eurocrats on the cash and thus also on our freedom must be repelled absolutely. With the abolition of the 500 euro bill and the planned cash ceiling it has already begun. The citizens have it next year however with the European Union as well as the national council choice in the hand to thwart these plans , so Wurm.

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