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Alumni Meeting of the Women´s Academy

Focus: European Issues

The Alumni meeting of the Women’s Academy of the Political Academy of the Freedom Party of Austria took place on 22-23 March 2024 in Anthering (Salzburg). After the welcome address by Member of the National Council Rosa Ecker, MBA, participants under the guidance of course leader Ing. Robert Lugar developed content on key topics associated with the European Union and rehearsed practical communication strategies.

Topics covered in the programme included:

·         Introduction to and contextualisation of key European issues

·         Elucidation of current political challenges in the EU

·         Practical exercises to present FPÖ positions convincingly in discussion

·         Exercises in direct exchange (framing, reframing)

·         Group work to illustrate dynamic group processes

·         Analysing and reflecting on discussion dynamics and the role of different points of view

·         Simulation of debate scenarios in which participants adapt their points of view to adopt different perspectives

·         Presentation of case studies on successful argumentation

·         Identification of key strategies and tactics used in these examples and their application in one’s own discussions and debates

·         Key techniques and strategies for effective rhetoric

At the evening fireside chat, former member of the provincial parliament Mag. Elisabeth Dieringer-Granza gave a talk on the current political situation in the European Union.

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